Clinical Business Intelligence Systems

What are Clinical Business Information Systems (CBIS)?

A clinical business information system (CBIS) combines both medical and business information to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. These indicators are influenced by many underlying and often interrelated factors, making the healthcare industry a highly complex environment.

The increasing number of challenges related to costs and quality, as well as recent developments in analytics, such as cloud computing and machine learning, are driving the demand for CBISs. The healthcare analytics market is expected to grow to $70 billion by 2027!

Led by Philips, with a HORIZON 2020 grant from the European Union, NewCompliance is working on innovations for intelligence-based CBISs. Within this consortium, also known as IMPACT, NewCompliance takes the role of expert in interfacing and clinical business intelligence. In addition to developing new products, HORIZON 2020 funding is also used for knowledge dissemination. To contribute to this, consortium partners NewCompliance, Philips and Inovia, led by NewCompliance, have written a report on the state-of-the-market for clinical business intelligence. This report is publicly available here:

D.5.3.1 IMPACT Clinical Busines Information Systems