Three surgeons working in the OR around our OR dashboard

What are the costs of 1 minute of OR time?

Did you know that 1 minute of operating room time can cost an average of $37 per minute?

Using financial data from California’s hospitals, a study found that 1 minute in the OR can cost $37.45 in the inpatient setting and $36.14 in the ambulatory setting.

The published study in JAMA Surgery also concluded that, from 2005 to 2014, OR expenses increased more rapidly than the medical consumer price index. With overall rising healthcare costs, it is clear that hospitals can gain much by minimizing costs and improving efficiency in the OR.

Our platform offers solutions that will empower healthcare professionals to overcome these challenges. By showing relevant data in real-time, we save time and allow healthcare providers to elevate their awareness by visualizing their workflow throughout each procedure. With our instant easy-to-use analytics, users can reveal patterns and opportunities to optimize efficiency and reduce costs in continuous improvement cycles.

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