Philips and NewCompliance team up to decrease Infection Risks in Hybrid Operating Rooms

Combining the strengths of NewCompliance’s services with Philips’ Operating Room technology and the Azurion Platform, delivers extended capabilities for surgical teams to measure and manage surgical site infection risk

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands – Philips and NewCompliance have announced a partnership to complement the Philips Azurion FlexMove and Hybrid OR designs, with NewCompliance’s OR Cockpit technology platform. The collaboration will allow Philips’ customers to achieve higher standards for air sterility assessment, risk management around SSI prevention, and increased performance in OR Workflow. Philips’ customers will be able to realize interoperable smart OR solutions, using integrated data sets and advanced OR risk and workflow analytics, to achieve higher quality of care.

Why risk control matters
Surgical site infections (SSIs) affect patient outcomes and quality of life and can create financial burdens for the hospital with increased costs and length of stay. Air sterility is an important factor to control and measure in any room facilitating interventional procedures, to ensure SSI risks are minimized. Current air sterility standards and tools are often not specific enough to medical procedures, nor is the measurement of the impact of human factors and compliance to safety protocols. These all play an important role to protect patients and caregivers alike.

NewCompliance brings specialist knowledge on SSI risk prevention and OR safety factors to the partnership, which can be used to develop better services and higher levels of safety to surgery departments around the world.

The OR Cockpit adds SSI risk management tools to create a smart integral workflow system. It elevates awareness of patient safety and infection conditions, drawing information from safety protocols and checklists as well as performing continual scans and providing the team with feedback in real time. The system tracks SSI contributors throughout procedures, helping hospitals to provide higher quality of care while also reducing the burden and cost associated with SSIs.

Philips Azurion is the next generation image guided therapy platform that allows clinicians to easily and confidently perform hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures in the same room. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in close collaboration with clinical partners to ensure optimal workflow solutions. The Azurion FlexMove is Philips’ solution for a high quality X-ray imaging system that does not get in the way of staff and other equipment in a crowded room and offers exceptional workflow flexibility for the hybrid OR.

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