Interview with our Project Manager Asia

Asia is working as our project manager for the last two years. She is mostly working on the implementation of our ACTIQ platform at clients, such as Bellin Health and Mayo Clinic. We’ve asked her a couple of questions about her experiences with working for NewCompliance.

Can you tell us more about yourself?
I enjoy encountering challenges of life, taking up new adventures, and seeing the positive side of situations and experiences while being supported by my family and mentors. I am an organizing junkie and love planning my next traveling adventure or upcoming project. The hardworking moments, followed by a celebration of success are things that I really appreciate.

Why did you start working for NewCompliance?
There was an instant click when I had my first interview. My gut feeling told me I was in the right place at the right time. I was looking for a new challenge, moving away from working at digital agencies. There was the excitement of the unknown, entering a new industry, a startup going scaleup, and the international team. Though it was interesting to have my first interview in a completely deserted office space, since NewCompliance was in the middle of moving to their new office.

How would you describe your typical working day as a Project Manager?
It starts with a to-do list, a check on the agenda, a cup of good tea, followed up by a team stand-up. Checking in with my team became even more important when we started to work remotely. Every day will roll out differently, depending on how many projects we are running and in which phase there are in. It’s a mix of coordination, cooperation, and control. Keeping an eye on projects, connect with clients while discussing internal planning with other teams, and managing ongoing tasks. Some days are filled with meetings, others allow to focus on working on internal management strategies. But no matter how hectic and busy the day is, I always find a moment to reconnect with my colleagues, have a bit of a break, and enjoy a catch-up.

What are the challenges you face working for a fast-paced international environment?
I believe the biggest challenge is to know when to slow down, stand still and focus on the next move. Fast-paced environments are like whirlpools: they can drag you into a spiral of events, challenges, and fast-made decisions. Taking a break to evaluate and pay attention to what your goals and missions are can be a real challenge, especially for someone who thrives on constantly changing situations. The next move can be crucial at achieving success personally, but even more as a team.


Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Definitely an early bird! I enjoy the quiet morning moments to myself, to focus on starting a new day. I usually follow a morning ritual with reading, yoga, meditation, and a to-do list. Nowadays I am happy to be able to catch 15 minutes for a quick stretch and shower before my baby daughter wakes up and wants to join in for the ritual of milk bottles and cuddles.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Do your thing and stop worrying about what others think. Trust your gut!

It’s the best advice for personal growth. Once you get over the worries of what people may think, you can fly and fly high. Trust your skills, believes, and judgments, follow intuition, and don’t be afraid to choose yourself. The payback will be a positive surprise in any possible way.