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General Manager

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

NewCompliance “Driving Value in healthcare”

Want to steer the company into its next phase of growth and professionalism? Do you care? Then perhaps you should embark on this journey by becoming NC’s next General Manager.

Job Summary

The mission for this role is to strengthen the current team (all levels of the organization) and create a structured platform for the evaluation and implementation of ideas across each of the departments within NewCompliance while being a “father figure” to the leadership team and a constructive sparring partner for the CEO. The mission is also to support the establishment of a culture of effective communication and appreciation across the organization and in the long term, guide the company through its transition from a medical software start-up to a data company scale-up.

This role, along with the CEO, can form the future Managing Board of a professionalized NewCompliance built around the right people and processes that drives value in healthcare across multiple channels.


General management

  • Co-manages the executive and leadership teams in NL and US and directs the product, HR and operations departments including the relevant business processes and implements the necessary improvements in this regard, annual planning and interim reviews;
  • Puts people at the center of the organization to build an engaged company of A-players that resonate to the vision and culture. Is the ambassador of culture that breaks down silos between departments and teams;
  • Searches and makes own networks available for the purpose of finding new A-players for all departments and teams.


  • Together with the CEO, leads the transition of NC from a dashboard-centric software/ solutions company to a data-centric software and services company (including compliance and other unknown factors) for 2022 and beyond. In 2021, sets up systems and processes to facilitate this transition;
  • Jointly with the CEO, determines, team, the strategy of the company for the next 3 to 5 years from 2022 onwards. Uses input from and ensures support within his / her MT;
  • Subsequently translates the established strategy into a step-by-step plan to be implemented in the relevant organizational departments reporting to the general manager;
  • Ensures a timely and as complete as possible execution of the 2021 strategy, adjusts and encourages where necessary – this according to the principle “leading by example”.


  • Creates and implements structure to facilitate achievable aligned goals linking commercial, operational and development activities for NL, US & new markets in 2021. Creates active link and feedback mechanism. Drives “Live the Structure”;
  • Scales the organization to deliver substantial higher revenues in 2021 (based on 2020 baseline) per the commercial plans set in motion by the founder and the management team;
  • Strengthens the value proposition and product-market fit roadmap to improve adoption & commercial success, create long-term value for 2022 and beyond and thus improve the valuation of NewCompliance.

Customer & Market

  • Works alongside the CEO to strengthen and deliver the commercial goals of the organization while understanding the unique challenges of the target market;
  • Creates and communicates a consistent identity (including branding) of NewCompliance for all stakeholders including employees, customers and commercial partners;
  • Jointly with the CEO builds a world-class commercial organization to deliver success across business models and geographies.


  • Supports the CEO in his endeavors to fuel the growth potential of the company.

Whom are we looking for…

  • A servant leader who looks after the team, doing what needs to be done in order to enable his colleagues to bring their A-Game to the table;
  • “Keep Calm and Execute”- A Nestor that brings rest, safety and an objective & executable plan in which everybody knows what to do. Mind you, we are not looking for the pipe-smoking greybeard whom already got the T-shirt and carelessly remarks: “Step aside and I will get the job done…. As I did before, and before that”;
  • The Introvert that isn’t dependent on the stripes on his sleeve, the title on his business-card, nor the admiration of his peers, his colleagues or clients;
  • Not the ‘Silverback’ pounding his chest, but someone who listens, challenges where needed and gives pushback for the greater good of the company;
  • A confidant to the CEO and a coach to the Executive Team;
  • 20 years+ experience in senior and leadership roles;
  • A Senior Ops-professional with understanding of (Operational) Finance;
  • Experienced in accompanying fast growing companies;
  • Tried and tested in an international setting;
  • Able to working closely with a founder/CEO, and shareholders;
  • In all directions – a strong communicator who connects and removes differences;
  • Understands Tech, and the skills that are needed to transfer from selling software to selling SaaS and eventually selling insights and data;
  • Affinity with healthcare, caring for the safety of both patients as well as hospital personnel.

What NewCompliance has to offer…

NewCompliance is a unique company, with a unique proposition and a unique team. All with a strong belief that what they do, contributes to a better world. On the brink of a new era – which means further expansion, new horizons and numerous opportunities. Together with a committed team of investors, NC is building its future. And as its new General Manager, you are offered the possibility to further grow the company, to be an entrepreneur and to contribute to a safer and more efficient environment for both patients and hospitals.


Please send your application with CV directly to Leon van Beurden – If you have any further questions, call Leon at + 31 6 21 24 6123.

Acquisition regarding vacancies is not appreciated.

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