Five steps to improve safe surgical procedures

There are five important steps to reduce risks and prevent adverse events, according to The Joint Commission. The OR Cockpit maximizes the teams action for these five steps and enhances the patient-team collaboration, at every operation.

  1. Assess unique wrong-site surgery risks.

With the OR Cockpit surgical teams have a standardized tool to identify and respond to the risks during surgery. Tools such as smart workflow, checklists, surgical logistics and patient safety guidance greatly enhances the teams ability to identify risks and act on them.

  1. Involve the patient

The OR Cockpit is also used outside the operating room, to give an overview of patient logistics in the holding or recovery departments. Inside the operating room, our solution visualize the checklists and procedures essential to the preparation and during the surgery.  The safety and well-being of the patient is always a central part of the OR Cockpit.

  1. Make the Time Out role-inclusive

Different templates for checklists can be used in the OR Cockpit. One of these templates is the AORN’s Comprehensive Surgical Checklist to assign each surgical team member a voice in the Time Out process.

  1. Measure your Time Out success

All relevant patient safety & operational performance conditions are gathered from different systems in the OR and combined in our interoperable system. With this you can audit, for example, your Time Outs for accuracy, effectiveness and complete team participation to help identify improvements that can be shared and discussed.

  1. Create a strong sense of safety culture

To ensure a sense of safety culture it’s important that all staff members have insight in data and performance on a quick notice. People will make mistakes, but it’s vital that we learn from them. With our system you can identify challenges, backed up by the data. Furthermore, this data can be used as a tool to implement changes to further improve the quality of care and employee satisfaction.

When it comes to ensuring safe surgery together, it takes a tribe, a vigilant a team of professionals who are willing to speak up and recognize the value of safety tools such as Time Out Checklists and tailored solutions designed in the OR Cockpit. Only then can we protect patients and ensure safe surgical procedures.

At NewCompliance we are vigilant, passionate and committed to developing real-time, actionable solutions that drive results in patient safety. With our OR Cockpit solution, we support surgical and other healthcare teams with dashboarding & analytics solutions, all through one central system.